Congratulations to our winners. Thank you to all our finalists and applicants, everyone who voted and the judging panel.

Meet the winners of the People's Choice Award!

The Challenge

Through a global search for ideas, we set out to uncover new approaches to reef recovery.

  • PeopleAre you working on an idea that harnesses people as a source of positive impact on the Reef?
  • TechnologyDo you have a solution that harnesses the ubiquity and scalability of technology to support reef recovery?
  • FinanceHave you created a solution that utilises innovative financing tools to support the recovery of the Reef?
  • Unique ApproachOutside of these areas of "People, Technology or Finance," what other solutions could increase the coral recovery?

Who entered?


One winning concept will earn a prize of up to AUD $300,000 as chosen by the expert panel and challenge partners. In the end, the real winner will be the Great Barrier Reef, which will see the benefit of humanity’s collective brains trust.

  • Up to AUD $300,000 of funding
  • Tailored support
  • Access to partners, advisors and investors

The Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living organism, and one of our planet’s most significant natural assets. The Reef offers some of the richest biodiversity on earth and stretches across more than 2,600km of Australia’s Eastern Coast, encompassing an area approximately the size of Italy. This maze of 3,000 individual reef systems is as biologically diverse as it is beautiful and has an estimated social and economic value of AUD $56 billion.

State of the Reef

The accumulation of harmful impacts to the Reef is diminishing its ability to recover from shocks such as severe weather events and the overuse of marine resources. As these shocks increase in frequency and magnitude, the need for a strong recovery is increasingly vital to its longer-term resilience and survival. According to the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2014, four key factors are contributing towards the degradation of the Reef:

  1. effects of climate change,
  2. land-based run-off,
  3. changes to way land is used in the Reef catchment,
  4. effects of direct use.

While elements of these impacts are complex and require systems level interventions, there is an opportunity to enlist new ideas to ease pressures on the Reef and increase its capacity for recovery.

Meet the winners of the People's Choice Award!

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